Clean Editing Movie Player

The CEMP allows you watch edited movies by applying edit lists (EDL's -- edit decision lists) 
(i.e. "mute out" or "cut out" questionable scenes) to DVD's or movie files.

A description and history/background of sensible-cinema can be found here.  
Don't forget to come back to this page to download it, though (from the "Download" section, below).


To download, please check the checkbox if you agree to the terms of the license agreement (lgpl) and wish to download and use sensible cinema. I have read and agree to the license terms and conditions and wish to download. After download, for windows, run the installer exe file. For mac, unzip it. You will be initially prompted to accept the license agreement(s) and also install a few (non included, separate ownership/distribution) dependencies. Now insert a DVD you own, to see available options. There is more documentation here.

Mac user prerequisites

Mac users will need to install some mac dependencies first. NB to uninstall them, should you ever desire to, open a terminal and carefully run this: $ sudo rm -rf /opt/rdp_project_local Note that by installing these dependencies, you're accepting their respective licenses/distributions.

Available edited movie lists

You can see the (small) current list of DVD edit lists (EDL's) already created here (all of them created previously by volunteers like you, or myself). If your movie is already there, then you might be ready to go. Use the one that's already there and give feedback on it when you're done. If yours isn't there, then we'd ask you to help us by creating and submitting your own EDL (delete/cut list) for your DVD that doesn't have one yet, see the documentation on the wiki for instructions on creating your own new delete list. Then run the file "advanced-edit or create sensible cinema delete list files.bat" to create and edit your new delete list. CEM Player has a few buttons to help you there. Don't forget to upload your new EDL file back to us when you're done, so others can benefit (see "contact", below). That link is the full list--your help is wanted/needed to help us grow!

Other Resources/Contact/Support

Let me know via the google group or email if you have feedback or have any other ideas/suggestions.

Source code

Source code is all available here. Source code developers/contributors are welcome! See here for instructions. For (non-techy or techy) contributions, write to the addresses above. You can see the change log with feature list. You can get a list of free DVD/blu-ray ISO's (creative commons licensed) here, and here and files here, or here etc. if you want to try them out for experimenting/development/research etc. Please click the license agreement checkbox at the top to see a list of some old releases here. A few versions also predated those and were archived there eventually.
You can find the Microsoft DvdNavigator DVD player listed here.
Compatible with Zoom Player MAX and MPlayer (and VLC Player if desired, the source is included).