Welcome to the Clean Editing Movie Player ALPHA release (i.e. pre beta)

  1) Edited movie player
       A free video scene skipper/muter.  CEM Player allows you watch edited movies by applying edit lists (EDL's) 
       to DVD's or movie files. i.e. "mute out" or "cut out" questionable scenes/content.  
       Click here for more detail.

  2)  Netflix Instant/online movie playing upconverter.
      The CEMP can hopefully soon "upconvert" Netflix Instant movies as you watch them
      to make them look even better than they already are (or hulu, or youtube, or whatever).  
      This is a work in progress but is somewhat close.
      Ping me if you'd like to try it out. rogerdpack@gmail.com

  Questions/feedback welcome:  email or view the google group forum.

Or submit an idea/vote on ideas at our uservoice.

  This project released as open source under the gplv3 license.  Don't patent my ideas please! :)